10 cancer signs that you should never ignore and know in its early stages

According to the center for Disease Control and Prevention, 69.8% of women over 50 have taken a mammography in the last couple of years. However, routine screening tests alone can’t always detect cancer and it’s very dangerous to rely on them completely.

Women are often afraid of speaking about an unusual symptom with their doctors, but this is wrong and may be fatal. If there’s something wrong with your health, there may be an underlying problem such as cancer. This is why it’s very important to recognize the signs of cancer on time and never ignore them:

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1. Chronic cough, chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath:

All these symptoms are caused by lung tumors or leukemia. Some lung cancer patients have also reported pain that extends to the shoulder and arm.

2. Breast changes:

Any kind of change or a detection of a lump in your breasts can be a sign of cancer. Inverted nipples, nipple discharge, skin dimpling and redness on the breasts can also a sign of breast cancer, so make sure to inspect your breasts carefully and report any change to your doctor.

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3. Swollen lymph nodes:

If the lymph nodes in your neck, underarm or groin are swollen, it may indicate cancer of the lymph nodes. If the swollen nodes are accompanied by difficulty swallowing, it can be a sign of esophageal cancer.

4. Bloating, abdominal pain, change in the bowel movements, rectal bleeding, blood in the stool or urine:

If you’re often suffering from bloating which doesn’t seem to go away and it’s accompanied by sudden weight loss or blood in the stool, there’s a big chance that you’re suffering from ovarian cancer. These signs may also indicate colon, bladder or kidney cancer.

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