Read what happens when you eat bananas with black spots

Bananas are a common food staple. I like having them around so my daughter can have a healthy, filling snack when she is feeling a bit hungry, and it looks like I am not the only one.

About 96% of American households purchase bananas at least once a month, and the average person consumes 27 pounds of bananas a year!

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Sadly, most people are completely unaware of the amazing health benefits bananas naturally have. Bananas contain the following: potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, protein, and iron. The sugars found in bananas are all natural glucose, fructose, and sucrose which are good sugars to consume. They also have significant levels of both dopamine and catechin, both of which act as antioxidants.

Best of all, the riper the banana, the higher the benefits. Black-spotted bananas have even been shown to help the body fight cancer.

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“Japanese researchers have proven that ripe bananas [help] fight cancer. As your banana ripens, its antioxidant levels rise, strengthening your immune system and increasing your white blood cells! In fact, ripe bananas are eight times as effective as their younger green siblings when it comes to elevating the cancer-fighting potential of white blood cells.”

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