It’s almost spring, however, I have had two watermelons in and the two of them were… well blech.

The children and my husband then eat the watermelon ( who obviously have less perceiving taste buds than I do). On the other hand, it’s as yet an agony to drag a 10-pounder from the auto, and lose about 15 minutes to cut it (at that point tidying up the wreckage) just to find the watermelon is somewhat dry and insipid.

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In the event that you’ve at any point pounded 15 watermelons at the store, lifted your shoulders and snatched the one you thought just “could” be a decent one, pound and shrug no more. We have a couple of tips to make your watermelon chasing somewhat less demanding.

1. Look at the bum

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When you pull a watermelon off the vine, it’s finished. Wrapped up. No all more aging. In a rush to get watermelons to the market, ranchers cull a portion of the watermelons earlier. In case you take a gander at the base of the watermelon, there ought to be a smooth patch (like the picture higher point of the article). It should be darker and bigger.

2. Look at the color

Watermelons ought to be a darker green. Watermelons that are not darker in color might not have aged sufficiently long on the vine. The watermen ought to have stood out dim from lighter stripes, as per A Delightsome Life.

3. Lift a couple

Watermelon essentially consists of water. A watermelon that is lighter for its size is likely to dry (and gross!). A succulent, ready watermelon will feel somewhat heavier than it looks. You may need to get a couple for examination.

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