Your sleeping position reveals a lot about you; Find out about it

The sleeping position can tell a lot about you. Here are 5 most common positions we still in:

1.Freefall sleeping position

Sleeping on the stomach with the hands under the pillow is a position called “Freefall sleeping position”; it signifies that you are an open, social person, warm and hospitable.

2.Hunger sleeping position

You like hugging the pillow during your sleep. It is a sign that you are a trusting person, sometimes even too open and trusting for your own good.

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3.Board position

If you sleep like you are lying on a wooden board, then it means you are quiet and reserved person. Also, you probably have a high opinion of yourself and can be very opinionated.

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4.Back snorer position

If you are a snorer, your spouse probably has many sleepless nights. Also, it`s very probable that you don`t get much sleep, as well. This reflects on your health and your mood.

5.Side log position

This may signify an easy going and very trusting person.

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