How to do lymphatic massage and get a full body detox

You are about to learn how to become a great lymphatic massage therapist, for your own body.  

After this tutorial, you will be capable of detoxing your entire system and improving your blood circulation. You will feel much better, have more energy and have a smooth, glowing skin. You will be able to avoid many illnesses and diseases.

So take your health into your own hands, and read on:

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What Is a Lymphatic Massage?

With this type of massage you can stimulate your body to flush out harmful toxins and improve your hormone function. We have lymph nodes positioned throughout our bodies, which together form the lymphatic system. These nodes help in eliminating waste from your body.

So how does massage play a part into this? Like this:
Most of your lymph nodes are located on the front of your body making them accessible to lymph drainage self-massage. And massage therapy is an effective way to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. So stimulating these nodes results in a healthier you with a more relaxed and detoxified body and face.

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