Use the effective techniques to get rid of food pain in minutes

You might have found the “Dem Song” song silly, but it definitely taught you that all bones in the human’s body are interconnected.

So, when we feel pain in one area, we soon feel on other as well. For example, pain in the foot can hurt all the way up the leg. The reason is as we said, everything in our body is interconnected, and especially on the feet.

There’s a list of more than 25 causes of foot pain. Some of them are bunions, arthritis, corns, overlapping toes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, and athlete’s foot, and all of them can cause certain discomfort.
Our feet are connected to so many things. According to Chinese reflexology, feet are the source of our overall health, so there are many detox footbaths driven by the thought that the best place to draw toxins out of our body is the feet.

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Foot stretches are probably the easiest method to reduce your foot pain. They are very simple and require not more than 5 minutes, so you can do them while eating your breakfast.


Raise your toes up. Some people can find this hard to do. Stand on your feet and raise all toes upwards. You should lift your pinky toe in the same height and the same way as your big toe. Repeat this 5 times with both feet.

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Raise all toes upwards as in the Toe Raise stretch, and then lower your big toe, while the others are still lifted. This stretch can be hard for someone, so if you can’t do it, lower your pinky toe instead of the big toe.  Do this stretch 5 times with each foot.

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