10 Best And Killer Workouts That Burn More Fat Than Running

  1. Ultimate Fat Burn Workout

This 7-minute workout from Blogilates combines large movements with small pulses to target trouble areas. The instructor gives you constant encouragement and reminders to maintain proper form.

With this reinforcement, you may be more motivated to maximize your efficiency and burn more fat than if you did the moves on your own.

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Plus, the visuals are gorgeous. The workout is filmed on a hill overlooking Los Angeles.

See the workout here.

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  1. Bad-Ass S-Hiit – HiitCombat #3

If you like boot-camp-style workouts, you’ll be inspired by this BodyRock TV sequence. You’ll exercise in real time with Lisa Marie, a personal trainer with a tough, no-excuses style.

The workout combines plyometrics (jumping moves), boxing and weight lifting. It’s extremely fast paced. Although the workout is only 8 minutes long, you should be breathing hard within a few seconds.

Plus, the moves are unique. They require you to use major muscle groups at once. They also involve engaging your core to maintain your balance, which delivers more toning power as you exercise.

See the workout here.

  1. Metabolism-Boosting HIIT Workout

If you want a slightly longer workout, try this 20-minute workout from Christine Salus. The instructor claims that it not only burns fat but also increases your metabolism.

It’s tough. Don’t let this discourage you. Think of it as a challenge that will keep you going.

If you can’t do all the exercises at first, set a goal to help you improve. You can focus on improving your form or doing more repetitions within each interval as you get stronger.

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