The Best And Effective Exercises To Reduce Calves Fat

Get on top of cardio

Reduction of fat will make you look skinnier, especially if you have fat calves. To do that it will require light weight training, watching your diet, and fat burning cardio.

Just keep in mind that when doing cardio, you have to stay away from direct calf exercise. This can be achieved by watching your form. A prime example of working your calves when you are not supposed to is doing step exercise. Although stepper exercise is meant for your exercising your quads, as you grow tired you naturally start to shift your weight to other areas like your calves. This is where you may be getting too much direct calf work.

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How can you be sure-sure that you don’t have fat calves

When you tap your calves, are they hard?

Lack of tone in your legs may be reasons you have been worrying about the size of your calves. So before you do anything else, it is beneficial to you to figure out what ratio of fat versus muscle in your legs.

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Here is what you should probably start doing.

1. Set the date

The first step to get yourself to do something you would have a hard time doing otherwise is setting the date. Mark your calendar and start counting the days until it is calving measuring time.

2. Measure your calves

Take out a piece of measuring tape and wrap it around the largest part of your calf. This is the area making your calves appear the biggest. Write down the measurement you just made in your notebook. Note that you want to keep track of the change in your calf size over time to know if your routine is making a dent in your calf muscle size.

3. Lift and wiggle

Sit on the floor. Relax. Just lift your leg up like you were about to do a low kick to inflict the final blow in your game, but stop before anyone gets hurt. Here you will give you calf a nice slam, nothing that would hurt. If you observe unnecessary wiggling action, then that may suggest you have more fat than muscle in your calves.

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